Kollibay : Four-Wheeled Velomobiles

This paper was presented at the 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, Copenhagen 2009.


Today there is a certain standard in velomobiles: They are three wheeled, aerodynamically shaped like a drop and mostly have a fairing which is self-supporting. This makes them fast and simple.

The typical disadvantages of this type are limited luggage space, limited braking ability, poor stability against overturning in curves, poor traction in winter conditions and there is always the question where to store it safely.

The concept of the four-wheeled velomobile allows for optimizing every one of these disadvantages with the exception that it is not optimized considering aerodynamics and top speed. Its wider range of abilities makes it more practical for everyday’s mobility needs. So there is the chance to reach a much wider range of users, compared to the typical velomobile owner of today.

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About the author

Ingo Kollibay

Ingo Kollibay

Dipl. Ing. Architekt.

Born in 1962 in Hildesheim, Germany.

For about 20 years he has been working as an architect (building and town planning). Building his own recumbents started in 1983.

Over the years he developed and built many recumbents with long, middle and short wheelbase, tricycles, trailers, folding recumbents, some tandems and special needs vehicles.

Serial products are:

  • the Brompton Recumbent Conversion Kit which makes the Brompton folder to a folding recumbent. Developed together with Juliane Neuss, Hamburg, company Junik Spezialfahrräder who also produced it.
  • the running scooter „Sauseschritt“ (scooter with a saddle), also developed with Juliane Neuss and produced by Patria. Red Dot design award.

In 2002 he founded the company „Velo.Saliko“ together with three other HPV-enthusiasts which developed and produces the circular seven seater HPV „ConferenceBike“. The company is situated in Hannover, Germany. See http://www.saliko.de and http://www.conferencebike.de

He is interested in velomobiles for many years, has made a lot of sketches and design studies but does not own one yet. On the 5th Velomobile Seminar held in Germersheim in 2004 he gave a lecture on the Cyclodyne, a forgotten early velomobile from the US.


Velo.Saliko GmbH & Co. KG
Davenstedter Strasse 60
D-30453 Hannover
phone: (+49) 511 261 707 0
e-mail: ingo.kollibay@saliko.de

Juliane Neuss

Juliane Neuss

Co-author and also lay-out of the paper

Material Science. Born 1962.

Juliane Neuss developed the “growing” children’s-Bike SKIPPY in 1994, which is built by PATRIA. She also developed the Brompton Recumbent Kit and the running scooter “Sauseschritt”. She is specialized at bike ergonomics and has started to write a book about it.

Her One-woman-company Junik is running since 1998 with the Brompton Recumbent, with 8-Speed Bromptons and special bike constructions, but she is still working as a Technical Assistant for Material science in a small Laboratory at the University of Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg.