The 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design takes place Friday, October 16th 2009, 10:00 – 16:00 in a conference room “Fabrikken” in Christiania ( See the map of the former military barracs area. Christiania is today a site for “alternative living”. Cars are not permitted inside this area, and Christiania has many bicycles. The famous carrier cycle “Christiania Bike” was born here, as well as the “Copenhagen Pedersen”. Christiania has many restaurants and bars.

On Saturday, October 17th, all participants are invited to take part in a demonstration and sightseeing tour through Copenhagen, ending with a press conference.

The tour starts on Rådhuspladsen at 11:00, goes through and around the city, and ends at Israels Plads around 14:00.

Registration, fee and accomodation

No prior registration is necessary. The seminar participants register at the entrance to the conference room and pay a small fee of 20 Euro. Accomodation can be found in Copenhagen and suburbs at very moderate prices (15–30 Euro). There are special low prices for groups in Hostels. Please check It is recommended to make an early reservation.


Here’s the list of people presenting their papers, in no particular order (not even related to order of presentation):

Ingo Kollibay, Germany
Four-Wheeled Velomobiles
Antal Joó / Gabor Joó, Hungary
Possibility and Situation of Velomobile Riding in Hungary
Jürgen Eick, Germany
Twenty Years of Experience with the Velomobile Leitra
Simon Bailey, England
CabrioVelo™ and WeatherVelo™ – velomobiles for practical daily use
Suhas Malghan, USA
Design and Development of the Turanga Velomobile
Andreas Fuchs, Switzerland
Principles of Human-Electric Hybrid Drives for HPVs
John Tetz, USA
Light and Quiet Velomobiles with Foam Shell
Harald Winkler, Germany
12 kg velomobile made by Meufel-technology
Carl Georg Rasmussen, Denmark
Velomobile aerodynamics – side wind effect and operation limits
Sylvain Lemoine, France
Le Vélomobile accessible à tous
Paulus den Boer, Netherlands
Velomobiles in traffic

For more details, see the list of papers with abstracts.