6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design


Tegnet af Anja

The 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design was held in Copenhagen (Christiania) on the October 16th, 2009. 80 people from 9 European countries and the USA participated. They came by train, car and airlines but also by velomobile (from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark) or by folding bikes and ordinary bikes. The next day, on October 17th, about 35 participants did a parade and sight seeing tour through the central Copenhagen.

Proceedings of the seminar are available on this web site, and you will also find descriptions of the authors. We also want to draw your attention to some new publications, relevant for people interested in velomobile design and future individual transportation:

  • Andreas Pooch: Die Wissenschaft vom schnellen Radfahren, published 2009 by LD-Verlag Daubitz & Pooch GbR
    The book features a number of velomobiles on the market.
    Web site of publisher: www.ld-vlg.de
    Direct link to book: Click here (checked May 2014)
  • European Cycling LEXICON, published 2009 by European Economic and Social Committee.
    The publication contains useful words for bicycle parts, types of bicycles, cycle infrastructures etc. in all 23 European languages. A useful dictonary for those touring by bike in Europe.
    The LEXICON can be downloaded from: http://www.eesc.europa.eu/sections/ten/european-cycling-lexicon (PDF, 2.2 MB)
  • Herbert Heitland: Alternativen im Verkehr, Verlag Frank & Timme, Berlin 2007
    An overview of possible future solutions for individual transportation, based on computer simulations.
    Web site of publisher: www.frank-timme.de
    Direct link to book: Click here (checked May 2014)

We thank all participants and our sponsors Simon Bailey (UK), John Tetz (USA) and Leitra DK ApS (DK) for making this seminar possible.

For historical interests, we have kept the program online.

All Jon Bendtsens HD video recordings can be found at Internet Archive: (search for “6 velomobile”).

Some other footage from the Sunday parade can be seen in this small film, put online by Simon Bailey:

— Liggecykelforeningen, the Danish HPV organization.