Tetz : Light and Quiet Velomobiles with Foam Shell

This paper was presented at the 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, Copenhagen 2009.


The question I often get is why Zote Foam? My vehicle design is based on the power that average people can put out – not what the enthusiasts can deliver. I know the market isn’t there just yet for average people so I applaud the efforts and interests of the enthusiasts for their support of a relative new industry that is leading us into a much more ecological local alternate transportation system.

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About the author

John Tetz

John Tetz

From little on I have been interested in light weight low power. Part of this came from growing up in the 1930s depression in the states. This showed up with rubber powered model airplanes including hand launch and tow-line gliders. HPVs fit very well with this background and my present shop is on the second floor of a small home so everything has to be light to be carried on the stairs. This situation drives my lightweight designs. My Foamshell VM fits inside my 1989 Honda Civic Wagon. Ultra Light Electric Assist also fit very well with this history. Light weight low power also fits in with a love for Nature and the challenge of living within sustainable means on the planet.

Work history – 38 years of Bell Laboratory research.


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