Malghan : Design and Development of the Turanga Velomobile

This paper was presented at the 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, Copenhagen 2009.


Velomobiles have not entered the mainstream of transportation in the US despite the fact that a velomobile would have great utility to a growing segment of society. This paper describes the design and prototype build process thus far to bring a velomobile designed for the American market and consumer. Its design features include a bamboo/balsa laminate structure surrounded by a lightweight fabric and Coroplast body as well as tilting capability, full suspension, nearly stepless gearing and front wheel drive. The prototype is mid-way through the build process as the chassis has been constructed with the body yet to come. Design, manufacturing and marketing issues pertinent to the US market are also discussed.

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About the author

Suhas Malghan

Suhas Malghan

Author’s professional background:

Mechanical engineer who has worked on vehicles that explored the depths of the sea and outer space, but is very happy to ride bikes around on planet Earth. He has a general interest in all modes of transportation, that led him to find Turanga Product Development to devise ways of getting around, that are compatible with humans and nature.


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