Bunte : Velomobiles and their Diversification: An Approach towards Greater Acceptance in Societies?

This paper was presented at the 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, Copenhagen 2009.


The diversification of products in our societies is like a Janus face. On the one hand it seems that pluralisation brings ‘bright colours’ and ‘great choices’ for our lives, and on the other hand it seems that all these ‘things’ create more complexity than we are able to handle. Sometimes diversity of products seems rather a hurdle than a relief. In addition, we live in the age of extremes, post-modernity or liquid modernity. A unique sign of this age is social and technical acceleration, in which individuals must design their own life rather than count on stable social structures and social governmental policies. Furthermore, the leading key word in our societies is individualisation, which requires a permanent new concept and classification of the “self”. With regard to individualisation, the aspect of diversification functions as a means to an end. Also, with diversification the growing aspect of complexity comes into societies which the individual has to manage.

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About the author

Heike Bunte

Heike Bunte

Date of Birth: 19.11.1969 in Gütersloh, Germany

Academic Education

04/2006 – 08/2009
Master of Arts Student (Economic and Sociological Studies) Department of Socioeconomics; Faculty of Business, Economic and Social Sciences. University of Hamburg, Germany. Some courses in terms of cycling and sociology i.e.: Empirical research project (3 semesters): “Elderly people and spatial mobility in Hamburg”; “Sociology of Consulting (Mobility management), Masterthesis: ”Randonneurship …”
04/2002 – 04/2006
Degree in Socioeconomics. Department of Socioeconomics; Faculty of Business, Economic and Social Sciences. University of Hamburg, Germany. Some courses in terms of cycling and sociology: i.e.: “Mobility management in a technical aircraft organisation in Hamburg; “Conflicts in Traffic”; “European traffic policies”.

Work Experience

From 09/2007
Supervising tutor – youth work (employee): Bicycle work shop for children (6 to 14 years). Zeiseweg e.V., Hamburg, Germany.
03/2007 – 2009
Series of lectures: “Clothes for Cycling” at the trade shows: “fahrrad.markt.zukunft” in Bremen, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Organiser: Velokonzept Saade, Berlin; Germany and at the “SPEZI (Die Spezialradmesse)”, Germersheim, Organiser: H. Siebecke, Germersheim, Germany.
03/2001 – 08/2007
Employee at an outdoor gearing shop (Sales): Globetrotter Ausrüstung, Hamburg, Germany.
10/1998 – 04/1999
Employee at the bicycle shop “Adventure Cycles”. Supervising Tutor for bicycle maintance and sales, Auckland, NZL.
01/1997 – 03/1997 and 01/1995 – 03/1995
Employee at the bicycle shop “Bicycle Doctor”, Manchester, GB, (Workshop and Sales). Co-conductor of the Cycle Mechanic Course, Stockport College, Stockport, GB, Scholarship from the Karl-Duisberg-Society, Cologne, Germany.
09/1994 – 02/2001
Employee at the bicycle shops “Rad und Tat” and “Die Luftpumpe”, Hamburg (Workshop and sales), Germany.

Work Education

02/2000 – 04/2000 and 08/1999 – 10/1999
Further education of the training program to become a master in the area of bicycle mechanics (Part III & IV). Degrees in: “Train the Trainer” and Master of Trade, Chamber of Trade, Hamburg, Germany.
08/1991 – 08/1994
Apprenticeship as a bicycle mechanic; Zweiradwerkstatt Ottensen and Chamber of Crafts, Hamburg.

Honorary Engagement

Conference of the University of Dresden: “Meet Bike”. Poster-presentation for the HPV (Human Powered Vehicles Deutschland e.V.) under the topic “best practices for cycling”: Working in the bike sector: “Crap” jobs or an environmentally future based working area?
11/2006 – 05/ 2007 and 01 – 04/2006
Editorial Work: Publication “VELOmobil” for the HPV (Human Powered Vehicles Club Deutschland e.V.). -<Since 2004 Organiser responsible for regular exibitions and presentations: “Aerodynamics and bicycles” for the HPV (Human Powered Vehicles Club, Germany) Deutschland e.V. presented at the trade shows “Eurobike” Friedrichshafen; “SPEZI”, Germersheim, Germany.
Since 2003
(Week-end) Tour guide for the local bicycle organisation: Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrradclub e.V. (ADFC e.V.), Hamburg, Germany.