den Boer : Velomobiles in traffic

This paper was presented at the 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, Copenhagen 2009.


Cyclist experience problems enough around their safety in traffic. So one can expect that exceptional cyclists using velomobiles have even more problems.

Experienced velomobilist Paulus den Boer brings you through a number of practical aspects of traffic safety when riding velomobiles. With clear examples it becomes clear that there is more to know about your own safety than meets the eye!

At the end of the presentation you may have some fresh ideas how you too can take care of your own safety even more than before.

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About the author

Paulus den Boer

Paulus den Boer

My name is Paulus den Boer, on this globe since 1960, cabinetmaker and living in the town Zwolle of 120.000 residents. I do have one son of 19 years young who studies Biology at the university of Nijmegen. We used to bike during holiday in for instance Belgium, France, England, Germany and Finland with our recumbents. I myself ride recumbent since 1982 and as velomobilist since 2001. I use my velomobile for commuting, but also for holidays, shopping and many other purposes. That means an average of 13.000 km/year. Beside the Velomobile I do also have a beautifull Gazelle bike from 1932, an M5 recumbent 2026 understeer and a foldingbike. Because I use it year-round, so also with dark, cold, wet and misty conditions, where also getting blinded is a real problem. In my route huge groups of school-youth is coming towards me so after an accident because of careless driving youth I have to use the left paralell-lane, which is legal there. But there I get blinded in the wintertime. Especially because this lane is a bit lower without any lines. After years of testing with bigger lights the solution came in the form of a roadside lamp. My velomobile-experience is roughly 100.000 km. so far, my recumbent experience doubles that I suppose. I’m getting used to the fact people act strange in the way of responding to my recumbents, like they don’t seem to recognize it as soon as a normal type of bike. And this has lead to the theory and solutions I will hand over to you in my lecture.